Never underestimate the power of Passion!

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Welcome to CS Passion-A blog where your talent meets with passion.

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This esteem blog is written and managed by Vardan Kumar.

decided to design a blog that can help people seeking for wisdom and knowledge,to get through the depth of computers  happily and successfully with knowledge in their heads and power in their hands to use it.I believe a simple digital expression for success:-

i.e If your Talent and Passion are combined,you get success as output.

What this site contains?

  • This site provides you with all the necessary matter you are gonna need  during your journey.
  • This site updates your database of trending technologies in computer science.
  • This site offers you with information on how to tackle various technical issues and errors while developing a software or writing a small program.
  • This site focuses on detailed step by step explanation on every post along with example from a basic level to advanced result.


Everyone's got the capability,so What's there in you to stand out of other competitors?" It's your 'PASSION'What you require is just a START, a PUSH... that can thrust you up with enthusiasm, making you close to your goal.... so here we are,to get you on an amazing journey of your own passion- 'Computer Science' ... We'll be all along as a helping hand.... So come on, lets make it.. 

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