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Friday 23 January 2015

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Evolution-Mobile Phones
With the development of portable technology,wireless communication has so evolved that (According to the announcement made by International Telecommunications Union(ITU) at Mobile World Congress) there will be more mobile phones in use than the population really is.Well,this is quite a fact.

So lets discuss how the mobile phones evolved from brick cellular phones to touchscreen smartphones and the fantasy of next generation mobile phones.


Earlier mobile phones were scarcely portable than our current generation mobile phones.Hence be grateful that your cell phones are compatible with your pocket size,even now you can wear them on your wrist(Cell Phone Watches).

The concept of wireless communication more precisely the mobile communication began with the one way radio communication gadgets.These were installed in patrol cars of the Detroit Police Department in 1928.Obviously we all know the process communication runs over a particular frequency range.These so called one way radios were given really low frequency bands of approximately 2Mhz.At such low frequency range the signals received were inconsistent

After these one way radio system the defense realized the need of receiving and transmitting signals at both ends and hence the two way radio communication devices were introduced(approximately 5 years after the discovery of one way radio communication system).Due to poor reception quality the system switched from amplitude modulated systems to frequency modulated systems(type of angle modulation).This enhacement was made in 1939.

For the time being mobile telephony was just used for defense purposes or were used by the police.In 1946 AT&T made its cell phone service available commercially.The service in order to make communication smooth possessed a frequency bandwidth of approximately 150 Mhz.In 1947 the organisation fantasized the concept of cellular technology but lacked automation to build it.

The mobile technology could not satisfy its true meaning till it possessed mobility or portability.The invention of ICs(Integrated circuits) in 1958 really helped to build on the concept of portability.We live in a society and hence as the time passed the desire of people to communicate also increased.Looking at this desire "Motorola" started experimenting on mobile communication.Later in 1960s they modified the walkie-talkie turning it into a 33 ounces brick.

On 3rd April 1973 Motorola introduced the first ever portable cell phone named "DynaTac".This phone weighed approximately 28 ounces.It took 10 years to get it approved by FCC(Federal Communications Commission).So it was introduced in the market in 1983.

This was how the first cell phone was developed.Since technology for these handheld devices was successfully implemented by Motorola various organisations especially Nokia Inc.(took over by Microsoft.Inc) innovating on top of present technology developed various mobile phones.

Along with the communication facilities the need for various applications and accessories aroused with time and better phones were developed.The era came when the mobile phone companies focused on design and orientation of the mobile phones.Various phones such as flip phones,slider phones were launched.Mobile phones of same model now were present in various color variants.With the development of technology mobile phones with various multimedia features such as music player,camera etc. were launched.

The mobile phones market was startled with the launch of iphone by Apple Inc.After its launch the era for brick cellular phones was almost ended and the era of cellular smartphones began.Samsung also decided to focus on mobile market since then.

Now the touchscreen smartphones are really common.These handheld devices have now become "a cup of tea for everybody" obviously for those who can afford it.

The wait of new era in mobile phone technology is already started.So what could possibly be the next?.........May be the Holographic smartphones,yes that could be. Takee 1 could be the world's first holographic smartphone.

Just wait and watch...........well not ok! with us.Why to wait when one of us could be the next with a new idea to change the world of mobile phone technology,just perceive the power of passion and believe in yourself.


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