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Before we begin with the differences let us discuss,what coding and designing actually is in software engineering. 
 Coding vs Designing. 
In software engineering there are certain steps followed in order to develop an effective software and Coding is one of the crucial phase.


Test stubs are the non-functional programs that imitates the regulation of a module in the source code of a software's self contained part.
Test drives are the small codes that passes test control/intervention to another code.It usually provides a testing surroundings to a separate component of the source code. 


A software fault is a programming error that is not figured out or we can say that software fault is a hidden programming error.It may cause a software failure.
Deviation of software's performance or behavior from expectations is software failure.These may be manifested due to faults in software.
So now let us discuss Difference between software faults and failures


The testing technique which deals with the program code of system under test is called as white box testing.Obviously for doing so the internal structure of the software must be known and hence generally performed by a software developer.
The testing technique which deals with the functionality of system under test is called as black box testing.There is no need to know the internal structure and implementation of the software to perform this.Generally independent software testers are hired to perform this.


Verification is defined as the process of evaluating and examining products of a development phase to find out whether or not they meet the specified and necessary requirements.
Validation is defined as the process of evaluating and examining software product at the end of development phase to figure out whether the software conform the customer's expectations and requirements.


Let us begin with a brief introduction of C.  C is a middle level language that was originally developed by Dennis Ritchie for the Unix operating system. It was first implemented on the Digital Equipment Corporation PDP-11 computer in 1972. It is a middle level language because via C one can develop both system software and application software.
All the application of Unix operating system are virtually written on C language.


The idea is to run the loop until the number becomes '0' after successive right shifts of the number by 1.Inside the loop we'll increment the count whenever we'll encounter 1 at LSB(Least Significant Bit). Now in order to check whether there is 1 at LSB, we'll mask it with 1(using bit wise & operation).
If applying & operation results 0 =>LSB is 0.
If applying & operation results 1 =>LSB is 1.

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8.Introduction to Automata Theory

Before we begin let me put some light on ABSTRACT MACHINES. An Abstract Machine is the theoretical model of basic computer attributes,more specifically computer hardware or software.These Abstract machines functions on the concept of Discrete Times. Discrete time visualize the value of the entity occurring...                                             

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9.Snakes and ladders game implementation in c(without GUI)

  • Use of File handling to save the game and resuming it from previously save point.
  • Random selection of six different combinations of snakes as well as six different ladders every time the game runs.
  • A player gets a green signal only if he gets 1 or 6 as dice value.
  •  A player gets a consecutive turn if he gets 6 as dice value.

 10.Text Box Hint in c# Windows Form Application

While developing a windows form application, most of us come around with designing its GUI(Graphical User Interface). Since the inclusive toolbox  in visual studio doesn't allow us to inhibit certain features in a windows form application, hence we have to build our own logic for the same. So what's there in designing which makes us do this work as we can just develop an application to just do our intended work. Wish it was so simple but it doesn't work like this when it comes to the real world. In the real world Appearance leads to Pursuance.


Integration by parts as we all know is the integral part of Mathematical Calculus.There are various formulas and tricks associated with integration of functions.Of all the tricks and formulas "Integration By Parts".

12.Dynamic connection String

In the course of development there may arise a situation when we require to ask the configuration details from the user in order to establish a database connection. This situation arises whenever the application is to be used by a group of users whose Username and Password are different or the users may want to access database through different service or server. Whatever the case may be we'll define a user-defined method to build the connection string for us. Text Box are the more likely used control which we use to retrieve information from the user.

13.Dynamic financial year date

Many of us come across setting up financial year date dynamically in our code, the reason might be fetching values from your database between one financial year, more precisely the current financial year or we might want to display a header somewhere on your console or application what so ever it may be. The reason or the programming language we intend could be anyone's guess but the logic will be same.

Now everyone would have different start and end date of a financial year, i.e. the date value as well as month value can be hard coded, it would be better if we use macros or const. variable for the same so that if we want to change them at any point of time, we won't need to go through the whole code, we'll just update at the definition of macro or const variable. So what left is yet to be identified and can not be hard coded is the "year". 

Let us try to understand it with an example........

Suppose for fiscal year 2017 let us suppose our dates are  01-Jul-2016 to 30-Jun-2017.

14ToolTip for controls in c# Windows Form Application

While developing a windows form application, most of us come around with designing its GUI(Graphical User Interface). Since the inclusive toolbox  in visual studio inhibits certain features in a windows form application, hence we have to build our own logic for the same. So what's there in designing which makes us do this work as we can just develop an application to just do our intended work. Wish it was so simple but it doesn't work like this when it comes to the real world. In the real world Appearance leads to Pursuance.

15.Save and retrieve credentials in C# Windows form application

While developing a windows form application which accepts some details from the user, you might want to provide user a feature to remember those details and if user chooses to remember his details then the next time he will run the application, credentials will be auto-populated for quick log in.

Now firstly lets see how to save details in a file....

In any application the main source of details from user is a text box, hence in here also we ll use text box as the main source of information from the user. Also we might want to provide user an option if he wants to save his details or not. So for this purpose we'll use a check box control. Also for the sake of convenience we'll save each credential in separate line so that retrieving the becomes easy.

16.Reading multiple columns from database

Most of the application development isn't possible without using a Database Management System since our aim is never to build a normal application, our aim is to build a sophisticated application. So database applications must be included within our developing environment. While fetching information or values from our database we might come across retrieving values from multiple columns, usually can be done if we have same query structure for data retrieval i.e. conditions applied on data are similar. Here we'll be using oracle DBMS but you can use any for the same. Hence instead of using multiple queries to retrieve data from multiple columns, we'll use a single query to read multiple columns.

In order to fetch data from database we'll use Oracle data reader and loop the data table until the last record. Before proceeding to source code we must know how reader works?

17.Function which takes string and a character as input and returns the next position of character each time it is called

Today we'll define a function with following properties:- 
  1. Return type of the function will be int i.e. the function will return an integer value.
  2. Function will accept two arguments.
  3. One of the argument will be a char and another char array.
Now let us try to understand our purpose with the help of an example......

18.Progress Bar in C# Windows form applicationWhy Progress Bar is important?


Lets imagine ourselves as a user of an application. Now lets suppose our application is taking a minute or two to do its desired purpose. Meantime application is doing nothing, we are just seeing a dumb windows form in front of you, what would we think...Well yes we would think that the application hung up in about 20 to 30 sec or less and would try to interrupt the application progress either by closing it or opening task manager and what not?

19.Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication by 2 and division by 2 without using +,-,* and / in c

When it comes to enhance the software development skills, the magic lies in logic building. So here we are going to discuss a program with can add two numbers,subtract two numbers,multiply by 2 and division by 2,seems simple but here's a twist we can not use +,-,* and / operators for the same.

Now let us discuss the four functions one by one.

20.Excel sheet from data table and data set in c#

Excel workbook is one of the most popular MS office application, especially when it comes to make a report. Hence it is recommended to learn how to make an excel sheet in c# developing environment.

Before we continue let us briefly understand what a DataSet is:

A DataSet is a collection of data tables objects or instances on which we can set relation through data relation objects and hence navigate through data table architecture.

How DataSet is declared or initialized in c#?

System.Data.DataSet dt_csp = null;

Next we'll declare our data table:

System.Data.DataTable tb_csp = new System.Data.DataTable("SFY" + sfy.ToString());

21.Column alphabets of excel from column numbers in c# 

Today we'll discuss method logic to return the column alphabet from the column number as in Microsoft excel in c#. We'll build a generic logic so that it can be implemented in any programming language with change in syntax off course. 

For example

If we pass 5 as column number, our method should return E or if we pass 28 our function should return AB..... 
So what is the purpose for implementing such a logic? While making an excel sheet programatically, sometimes it is required to implement formulas in a specific cell of excel and respective column alphabetic name is to be listed in the formula expression. So using this logic we can implement formulas dynamically in excel cells.

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22.Insertion Sort

It is one of the well known sorting algorithm which is really effective when it comes to sort small number of elements. 

Insertion Sort's real life co-relation

  • Its implementation is similar to the way one might sort hand of king higher playing cards.
  • Initiate with an empty left hand and cards face down on the table.
  • Pick one card at once from the table and insert it at its rightful place in the left hand.
  • In order to find the correct position of  a card, compare it with all the cards already present in the left hand in the right to left direction.
  • Note at all times the cards in the left hand are always sorted.
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23.How to give save path through browse button c#

For an application to be user friendly, it is necessary to provide maximum accessibility features. Since our application should follow abstraction and should focus on hiding complexities to user, so a good GUI(Graphical user interface) with accessibility features will show your hard work while building the application. No matter how much you burn midnight oil while developing back-end of your application, if it lacks a good GUI with accessibility features it is definitely in vain.

If your application generates a file, which user is supposed to read or gather information then giving privilege of choosing the save  path for the file to user is always nice. Button control is the best way to do this.

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24.Decimal to Binary Conversion

The most common number system we normally use in ff course decimal number system i.e. numbers from (0-9) but when it comes to computing class decimal number system is not really common rather computer systems use binary number system for computing purposes whether it is digital encoding or a discrete mathematics branch called Boolean Algebra. Hence once should be aware of the logic to convert a decimal number system to its respective binary equivalent.

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25.Binary to Decimal Conversion

Sometimes in a program, the output is in the form of binary number system. Such output is really comfortable for a computing machine to understand but user can not understand such kind of output form i.e. binary output, hence if our program is generating a binary output a functional logic should be written in order to convert that binary to decimal number system.

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26.8-Bit Binary Addition in C

Binary number system is the system which is used by the computer, it is the key for really fast mathematical computations performed, so let us discuss the logic for 8-bit binary adder step by step.


Above two logic understandings are really important in order to make the inputs and outputs user as well as computer understandable. We'll discuss one full logic in here but it is recommended that you go for step by step explanation by checking out aove mentioned links.

27.File versioning, saving file with unique file name in c#

File versioning allows a user to have several versions of a file simultaneously at a particular path. Not only it intimates a user of which is the latest version i.e generated at a later stage or an older version but also provides a unique file name in the same directory.

For example....

Suppose a report generation application is developed which saves a user-readable file as an output, as discussed in earlier posts also an efficient GUI(Graphical user interface) is the most interactive one i.e. a GUI in which a user feels to have control over the application. In such an application a user is generally provided with the privilege to select his/her desired path. It is a general tendency of a computer operating individual to select same path as well as name each time he/she wants to generate the report. Now suppose user chooses a file name as cspassion.xlsx and the same file name already exists at that path, so an efficient application would save the latest version of report as cspassion(1).xlsx or cspassion(2).xlsx to avoid exception or prompting user to select if he/she wants to replace the previous version of file or not, also this would take the control from your application to the operating system which should generally be avoided as much as possible.

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28.Unable to set the Freeze Panes property of Window Class C#

It is generally easy to resolve the compile time errors because the reason for the error is probably known but a run time error always hinders the development process for a considerable amount of time so are the exceptions that unknowingly show up from no where. That is why it is always advised to handle each and every exception your application might throw. The only way to be a master in handling exception is experience, yeah you read it right. More you develop, more problem you will encounter in your developing environment and in turn more you will know the reason and the so called timing of the exceptions.

29.How to get all the file names which contains a particular word

Analysis is the most important step which every software development life cycle requires to avoid rework. Sometimes it becomes a tedious task and could eat up a lot of time hence increasing cost of software development. For example: Some code changes in the current system needs to be implemented, changes like you have to change a particular identifier name to another in the entire system. So if this process is needed to be carried out professionally then the impact analysis of that identifier should be captured. So what would you open each and every source file, header files or what ever your system contains and try to capture, how many times the identifier hits in a particular file, well reading thousands of files having thousands of line definitely not feasible. So instead of manually doing this task, automation should be implemented for the same.

So let us make c# windows form application which will take directory as well as identifier name from the user and returns a txt file or excel file or what ever format you want and get all the file names along with the number of hits of a word in a particular file.


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