Never underestimate the power of Passion!

Monday 19 January 2015

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Passion Importance

Passion....The word passion has different meanings but the crux is to achieve something we have to build passion.We know our goal and dream but without passion we can't achieve it.Passion is like the soul of our dream and target.Passion gives us strength to achieve success.It is only the passion inside us which encourage us at every step towards our victory.The truth is no one can stop a passionate person to achieve success in life.Passion motivates,supports,guide a person and it is only passion inside a man which acts like fire to do the things.

Sometimes it happens that we feel like quitting when we face difficulties,problems but it is passion only inside us which forces us not to give up easily and makes us remind once again that why we started when we feel like quitting.It is only passion inside us which tells our mind and heart repeatedly to stop only when we are done with our work.Like hard work passion is also necessary to succeed.As it is an old saying that "Every cloud has a silver lining" that is God has given one special quality and talent to each one of us but passion is something that we need in co-operation with that special trait in order to get our work done effectively and efficiently.

Computer Passion

It is often said "When there is a will there is a way".The only thing is we should have optimistic thinking and attitude.Passion gives direction to our goals and with passion one can achieve name, fame, glory, success etc. Passion means zeal or enthusiasm.Without passion life is meaningless.

"You have to be burning with an idea,or a problem,or a wrong that you want to right.If you're not passionate enough from the start,you'll never stick it out." 

says STEVE JOBS.So that's passion.

Passion is when we really enjoy a thing.Everyone have some passion in their life.When we do a work we should do it passionately and with all the heart.In order to achieve success a person should follow this theory


So that should be the attitude of every human being seeking for success.In this competitive world at every step people will demoralize you which will deviate you,distract you from your path but only passion will encourage you to fulfill your dreams.Only talent is no,t enough to achieve your goal.Everyone has got talent inside him but talent with passion is rarely seen.Passion helps to meet every challenge,to solve every puzzle,to overcome every hurdle,to take every opportunity,to perform our duty and completes our journey to success.

To see a dream is very easy but it takes a real man to complete it.Like "Sunita Williams",Kalpana Chawla,Hillary and Tenzing many people have dreams to go to space or to reach on top of Everest.These personalities with their talent,hard work and their most important weapon that is passion were able to make their dreams come true.We should always keep this thing in our mind that if we keep believing the dream that we wish will come true.It's not always necessary that in one go you will reach your goal.the only thing is don;t give up easily and remember the little spider while building its web falls so many times but still he stands again and again,it is his passion,hard work that finally at the end he completes its web.

To conclude we can say that its very necessary to build passion inside us and then our journey to success is initiated.

By:Mehak Kumar


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