Never underestimate the power of Passion!

Friday 28 February 2014

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Introduction Computer Science Passion

Why CS passion?????

Why do you choose computer science? What has brought you to the field? What do you hope to achieve with computer science degree? 

Computer Science is challenging yet dynamic. It requires people in the field to be learning and pushing the limit. Many of our friends who have been thinking of no future scope in this sector, should think again!!
                        Today more than 100's of IT Companies are active and demanding for the best of best. They are ready to pay handsome amount of salaries. This technical sector is in hunger of massive growth, because today our world is a state of 'WAR' !!!.. so that is why a company needs to put up a kick-ass show. At this stage a passionate computer freak would be one's cup of tea.
                        Today's requirement is how to 'sell' yourself in this non-everlasting demand for new software and technologies. A key point to keep in mind is that-- "What's there in you to stand out of other competitors?" It's your 'PASSION'. However this passion is not enough.. It is what you can put on stake, breaking all rules, crossing your limits to achieve your passion for Computer Science!! 
                      What everyone require is just a START, a PUSH... that can thrust you up with enthusiasm, making you close to your goal.... so here we are, to get you on an amazing journey of your own passion- 'Computer Science' ... We'll be all along as a helping hand.... So come on, lets make it.. ;) :)





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