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Thursday 14 May 2015

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Coding vs Designing

Difference between Coding and Designing

Before we begin with the differences let us discuss,what coding and designing actually is in software engineering.

Coding vs Designing
Coding vs Designing


In software engineering there are certain steps followed in order to develop an effective and efficient software.There are various phases involved in development process whose sequence depends on the LIFE CYCLE model we follow.Coding is one of the crucial phase in the software development process in which the actual source code is written by the programmer according to design and specifications of the software.


Designing is also a key step involved in the software development process which is even more time consuming than the coding phase.Designing is done to provide an architectural view to the software according the requirement analysis and guidelines provided by the customer.It is usually done before coding or we can say coding is technical implementation of design.

Now lets head towards the Difference Between Coding and Designing....

Difference Between Coding and Designing

1. Coding do specify a    language.
1. Design does not specify any language.
2. Machine specific implementation of design.
2. It is description of logic used to solve the problem.
3. Consumes less time than design phase.
3. More crucial and consumes more time.
4. Concerned with Software’s technical aspect than functional .
4. It includes designing User interface, Process, Database.
5. Level of abstraction is less
5. High level of abstraction.
6. Coding is done after designing
6. Designing is done before coding.
7. Less expressive
7. More expressive.
8. Less Flexible.
8. More Flexible.
9. It does not reflect abstract concepts.
9. It reflects abstract concepts.
10. It shall not include new functionality.
10. It shall include new functionality
This was the difference between Coding and Designing in software engineering.

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